Nutritional Genomics and Health Unit

Group leader: M Isabel Espinosa

Precision nutrition strategies for patients with chronic diseases.

Application of nutrigenetic interventions in patients with chronic diseases including obesity, metabolic syndrome and cancer, in order to improve their nutritional and health status. This is carried out through the design and analysis of specific genotyping panels, as is the case of a nutrigenetic panel for oncological patients that has been developed within ALIBIRD2020 project, which association to clinical outcome, microbiome status, and the presence of molecular and biochemical biomarkers is determined. Personalization of nutritional recommendations according to their clinical conditions, phenotypic and genotypic results

is performed, and applied in different clinical trials in collaboration with the endocrinological and oncological medical services of different hospitals.

Personalized nutritional advice for health promotion throughout the different stages of life.

Design and clinical validation of genotyping panels with genetic variants related to obesity, energy balance, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, metabolic response to exercise, food intolerances, biorhythm, etc.., in order to generate personalized nutritional recommendations to improve health throughout life. Specific physiological conditions, objectives and life stages are considered.

Collaborator in the Precision Nutrition and Cancer Lab

Dr. Isabel Espinosa Salinas

Senior Nutritionist

Isabel Espinosa Salinas holds PhD in Biology and Food Sciences, a Human Nutrition and Diet degree and a Food Science and Technology degree, by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She has been involved in Endocrinology and Nutrition Department of “La Paz” and “Puerta de Hierro” Hospitals. She collaborated with Mahou-San Miguel Group for the development of a health and nutrition program in several cities around Spain. In 2010, she joined IMDEA Food and worked on the set up and development of the Platform for Clinical Trials in Nutrition and Health GENYAL. At present, she has more than seven years of experience as nutritionist in the development of more than 15 clinical trials funded by National Projects grantee and in nutritional intervention studies for companies as Biosearch Life or Capsa Food among others. She has teaching experience in nutrition courses and workshops. She has co-authored several publications, classroom books for Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana and she has also presented different communications in national and international congresses. 

Phone: + 34 91 279 69 61, ext. 110


Jorge Fernández Cabezas

Research Assistant

”He was graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in Universidad Complutense at Madrid (2010-2014) and completed his education with postgraduate course in Sports Nutrition in Universidad Complutense (2015) and a Masters in Nutrigenomics and Personilized Nutrition in Universitat de les Illes Balears (2017-2018). Since 2015 he has been working as a nutritionist in several places. In 2016 he focused in the area of Sport Nutrition working in the Medical Services of the High Performance Centre in Madrid, taking care of the nutrition and diets of the spanish elite athletes to improve their performance and where he also did some research. He joined IMDEA Food Institute in April 2021 where he is working as a Researcher assistant in the Platform for Clinical Trials in Nutrition and Health GENYAL”.



most relevant grants

Principal Investigator: Maria Isabel Espinosa
Project Title: Food Nutrition Security Cloud (FNS-Cloud): Cloud solution facilitates access to food and nutrition information. Date:2019-2023. Funded by: H2020-EU., GRANT AGREEMENT ID: 863059.
H2020, grant agreement 731349, INCluSilver