Administrative and Management Positions



+    Innovation Project Manager-EIT-Food (Ref.: TGI2020/011)

Ref. TGI2020/011. Innovation Project Manager

+    Facility Manager (Ref.: FM2020/010)

Ref. FM2020/010. Facility Manager

+    General Manager (Ref.: GR2020/001)

Ref. GR2020/001. General Manager

+     HR-Talent R&D project manager (Ref. TG2019/021)

Ref. TG2019/021 HR-Talent R&D project manager

+     R&D project manager (Ref. TG2019/020)

Ref. TG2019/020 R&D project manager

+  Financial manager of innovation projects (Ref. Ti2019/009)

Ref. Ti2019/009 Financial manager of innovation projects

+  Management senior technician-part time (Ref. TG2019/005) 

Ref. TG2019/005 Management senior technician-part time       

 Innovation management senior technician-EITFood (Ref.: TI2019/004)

 Ref. TI2019/004. Innovation manegement senior technician-EITFood

 Innovation/Communication Assistant (Ref.: AIC2019/003)

Ref. AIC2019/003. Innovation/Communication Assistant

Ref. TRI2018/029. Innovation and Institutional Relations Technician

Ref. TCO2018/028. Program Coordinator

Ref. FM2019/002. Facility Manager

Ref. TI2018/015. Innovation Management Senior Technician

Ref. TG2018/016. R&D and Innovation Project Manager Assistant