Nutrition and Clinical Trials Unit

The Nutritional and Clinical Trials Unit undertakes nutritional intervention studies designed to assess the biological activity and health properties of functional foods/bioactive compounds and diets in humans. Both observational and clinical intervention studies involving healthy subjects and those with pathologies can be performed.

The Unit has an intervention/extraction room, two nutritional consultation offices, a room for short-term monitoring, and a room for discussions and conferences on nutritional education. An independent ethics committee ensures that the rights, safety and wellbeing of trial participants are upheld, by taking into account the methodology of proposed trials, their ethical and legal aspects, and the balance between risks and benefits. This committee is formed by professionals of recognized prestige and experience in research.

Helena Marcos Pasero

Nutricionist Predoctoral Researcher

Helena Marcos Pasero has a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2010-2014). She completed the interuniversity Master’s Degree “NUTRENVIGEN-G + D Factors” in Genetic, Nutritional and Environmental Conditions of Growth and Development from the Universidad de Granada (2015-2016). In 2014 she joined Platform for Clinical Trials in Nutrition and Health GENYAL at IMDEA Food Institute as a Nutritionist, where she collaborates on the development of several clinical trials related to nutrition and genetics. Currently she’s studying her PhD in Food Sciences from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, following the Nutrition Genomics line of research. 

Phone: +34 91 727 81 00, ext. 111 

Dr. Elena Aguilar

Senior Nutritionist

Elena Aguilar Aguilar has a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and a Masters in Food Science and Technology obtained at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). Currently she’s studying her PhD in Nutrition Project at Department of Nutrition and Food Science I of Pharmacology Faculty at UCM. Her work activity has been developed both in research and in the healthcare field and teaching. She was a member of the Research Group in Nutrition and Functional Foods (NUTRINVEST) of Research Institute of University Hospital La Paz (IdiPAZ) and she worked as a nutritionist at University Hospital Santa Cristina in Madrid. She had a placement as a teacher and a tutor in some courses and masters. Likewise, she has written some book chapters and contents for subjects of a degree and postgraduate courses. She has joined on September 2015 to the IMDEA Food Research Institute as a Senior Nutritionist. 

Phone: +34 91 727 81 00, ext. 300