Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of the Director, the Deputy Director and the General Manager. The executive Board is responsible for managing and dealing with the main businessadministration and scientific activities of the whole Institute, except those decisions taken by or shared with the Board of Trustees.


Dr. Ana Ramírez de Molina

It is the Director’s responsibility, pursuant to the powers and guidelines granted by the Board, to represent the Foundation and sign on its behalf; to direct, promote and oversee all the activities of the Foundation. The Director of the Foundation to draw up the annual performance plan and the four-year
target plan, as well as the general plan of activity of the Foundation, determining its needs and resources, as well as the necessary means to achieve the Foundation’s objectives; to formulate budgets and annual accounts; to establish the distribution and application of the funds available to meet the purposes of the Foundation.

Deputy Director

The Deputy Director is appointed by the Board or by the Executive Committee at the proposal of the Director. She reports directly to the latter and assists him in his tasks, representing him in case of his absence or inability to act.

General Manager
Alejandro Arranz

The General Manager is appointed by the Board or by the Executive Committee at the proposal of the Director, to whom he reports. Her functions are to manage and coordinate the general services of the Foundation, in particular, the administrative, financial, economic and legal aspects. She is responsible for the financial and economic control of the Foundation. She draws up the draft budgets and annual accounts. She is responsible for the management of human resources and the implementation and management of policies of social responsibility, health and safety and hygiene at work, gender equality and work-life balance.